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MvInternet - Connecting Pick to the Web.

Use MvInternet to connect your Multi-Value database to the World Wide Web using your own DATA/BASIC programs! Develop web pages using your favorite web authoring tool, insert a few hooks into the document and your web server will be running your DATA/BASIC programs to generate web content in no time. You can even forego the web authoring tool and generate entire web pages with your DATA/BASIC programs from the ground up.

With MvInternet, there are no restrictions! Images, animations, Flash, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, etc. Any tools available for developing web pages can be used with MvInternet to put your Multi-Value content on the Web.

Product Specifications

MvInternet allows DATA/BASIC programmers to develop applications on your Multi-Value system that generate interactive web pages. DATA/BASIC programmers can start developing web applications with a minimal understanding of HTML.

MvInternet is not a web server. It is an application used by an existing web server that logs in to your Multi-Value system and runs DATA/BASIC programs that generate web pages.

Supported Platforms:

D3/NT & Unix
Universe NT & Unix
Unidata NT & Unix
jBase NT & Unix

System Requirements:
The system must be equipped with a web server. Web server software is available for all Unix and Windows NT platforms.

Microsoft Internet Information Server is supplied with Windows NT. Apache Web Server is available for most Unix platforms at no charge.


Callable Subroutines that generate HTML code
Table generating routine - create web tables effortlessly with DATA/BASIC programs
Easy installation
One flat price for unlimited connections

Product CD Includes:

An account-save of the web utility programs
On-line documentation
library of images and sample pages to get you started
The programs that link the web server into your Multi-Value system

Each of the Web Sites below uses MvInternet to dynamically generate web pages with real-time information from PICK databases.

Doubletake Gallery
Radiology Equipment Company®


MvInternet costs only $3990.00. Installation tech support is included free of charge. (Custom Integration Services also available).

If you have any specific questions about how this could work for you, feel free to call 416-303-5180 or e-mail our sales department.

* All prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes added where applicable. All prices subject to change without notice.

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