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People Profiles
People Profiles is a great way to start your very own Web community and the best way to keep visitors coming back day after day. Visitors can upload their own profiles and pictures leaving you with no daily maintenance. You can dream up your own use for "Your" People Profiles.

Some sites using People Profiles:
Nitro Alumni
Queen Profiles

Each of the Web Sites below uses MvInternet to dynamically generate web pages with real-time information from PICK databases. For more information on MvInternet and how it can help you connect your PICK database to the web click here.

Some sites using MvInternet:
Doubletake Gallery
Radiology Equipment Company®

AC Update
AC Update allows IT professionals to keep track of the ever-changing area codes nation wide. The update is simple to use and manage. AC Update will scan your database files and generate a report of the phone numbers to change before the change is saved to disk to allow the user to verify the changes. For more information on AC Update and how it can help your company click here. Check out the Demo.

Mega Mall
We've developed an Internet web site that allows the owner to customize many aspects of their Home Page to fit their image and style, without programming! A breakthrough that will allow every individual and business the ability to create, modify and maintain a catalog of products and services on the Internet at a price they can afford.

Check out the Mega Mall Online.

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