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Interactive Dynamic Sites

We're very excited to announce a breakthrough that will allow your company the ability to create, modify and maintain a corporate web site on the Internet at a price they can afford. What makes us different from other developers is they can't offer this level of functionality and versatility. This is not just sales hype, it's a fact that's easily demonstrated.

What's different about a "Dynamic" web site versus what's out there now?

The answer is centered in the ability of your web site to directly interface with your database and custom applications. When this is accomplished, visitors to your web site see real-time information. Further more, a dynamic web site allows you, the owner/administrator, the ability to constantly send updates to your database and consequently your web site (without programming!).

Contrast this to what you see on the Internet today-99% of all web sites are "Static"; like electronic books. Anytime you want to change anything on your web site, you physically must 'tear it' out of the book (Internet), program your changes, and 'glue' it back in the book. This is costly, time consuming and inefficient.

With a dynamic web site you will have the online capability to manage change.

The list of the amazing possibilities that follow, is based on a tool kit we created for use in developing corporate web sites. Our investment will save you tons of time and money in the development of your web site. When you have infinetivity create a web site for you, you'll have the power to:

Continuously update and customize the 'look and feel' of your web site:

Change the background or wallpaper online (use our inventory of backgrounds or upload custom backgrounds into your own database; change what customers see, any time you want, as many times as you want, right from your computer in your office, absolutely no programming and the changes you make are instantly posted to your web site).

Change your business information (Name, address, phone #'s, email addresses, etc.) on-the-fly. Changes are instantly posted without programming. If you have multiple business units and offices across the country and they are listed on your web site, this feature makes managing that list easy.

Turn-on and turn-off any feature of your web site. For instance, show customers a catalog of products only on the first 5 days of the month, the rest of the time the catalog is turned off; show customers an online survey only on Wednesdays, Etc.

Create and maintain a dynamic catalog of products online with automated invoicing and reporting features:

Input or upload your product groups, product listings and product descriptions along with any graphic files that accompany any individual product group or individual item (this is accomplished online through your administrators section-proprietary to you as the owner).

Update and modify this listing at any time, from your office (this can be automated or manual). Once again there is absolutely no programming.

Turn-on or turn-off any product group or individual item (we give you a toggle switch for each item so you can show and hide anything you want).

On-line invoicing-based on the contents of the customers' "shopping cart". They'll have a chance to modify and finalize their purchase and then to send it to you via Email, fax, regular mail or submit with a credit card online in a secure transaction environment.

On-line reporting (custom reports available; remember our core business is computer programming and we're very good at it, in most cases we can develop a completely custom report in 4 hours or less).

Upload and maintain your customer database online (secured environment-passwords and firewalls). This has distinct advantages:

Online promotions! Directly email customers in you database with a touch of a button.
Advertise sales or make product announcements via broadcast email.
Create and distribute internal and external communications (newsletters).

No other developer can offer you this as a pre-developed tool.

Create and maintain a personalized online survey with automated reporting (no programming):

Questions are all user-defined (develop your questions online, change them at any time, as many times as you like). Scales are pre-determined, but you develop the labels. Results are automatically calculated and on-line reports are available anytime (as current as the last completed survey).

Best of all, completely administer all of the activities and information online.

No calls, no fees for changes, no waiting, no programming, and no hassles! Just imagine the power to customize and change your Home Page anytime you want. We give you the power and the flexibility to do just that. Your administrators sections is hidden from view and protected. Only you can access this area.

The bottom-line is that the success of your company/products in an online environment depends on your relationship with the developing and hosting firm. You're paying for creativity, functionality and knock-your-socks-off design that sells. That why when we develop web sites, ease of use, quick, response, and flexible programming are key considerations. Also, our unique approach of a 1-stop shop will give you the
capabilities of 2 strong firms. These resources will enable you to take advantage of the latest JAVA, FRAMES, VRML technologies, without having to sacrifice quality content for bells and whistles.

No one will succeed if deadlines are skipped, projects go over-budget or the mark is missed. That's why we work on a fixed-bid basis. This protects you and ensures no surprises. You know exactly how much the job will cost before it's started and exactly what the end result will be. We address everything from the get-go, so you can rest assured we won't be justifying your invoice.

We're ready to demonstrate our capabilities to your team. If you're looking for a complete solution for the Internet, GSL Web Design has the cutting edge answers and capabilities you need.

View some examples of our dynamic web page design!

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