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Mega Mall (e-Commerce) - Dynamic Tool Kit

We've developed an Internet web site that allows the owner to customize many aspects of their Home Page to fit their image and style, without programming! A breakthrough that will allow every individual and business the ability to create, modify and maintain a catalog of products and services on the Internet at a price they can afford.

This is all possible through the power of a DYNAMIC web site (versus a Static Home Page). The difference is, you can change the Dynamic web site on-the-fly without programming. In a static environment this is not possible; you have to pull the Home Page off the Internet, program your changes, and then insert it back onto the Internet (just like changing a page in a book). In the Dynamic environment, you make changes online in the administrator's screen. These changes are automatically posted to your web site on the Internet. It's that simple.

Product Specifications


Pick the background and icons you want from an online inventory (or develop a set of custom backgrounds). This gives you the power to change what customers see, with a press of a button (you may do this at any time, as many times as you like).

Data enter or upload (a very simple process) the products you make (including pictures). Add, delete, turn-on or turn-off, and modify your catalog at anytime (done in the administrator's section of your Home Page).

Your Home Page has the power of online invoicing. Customers can have an invoice automatically prepared based on their selections from your catalog. They'll have a chance to modify and finalize their purchase and then send it to you via email, fax, regular mail, or call you directly.

You can conduct an online survey with visitors - questions and scales are all user-defined and very easy to set up. Results are automatically calculated and online reports are available anytime (this work is already
programmed for you, all you do is press a couple of buttons). It's that simple and it's that customizable!

You develop, store and send out newsletters or special announcements to all of your customers and prospects from the Newsletter section of the web site. Press a button and all of your customers can receive a newsletter or announcement (you can't find this feature anywhere else!)

Develop your own mailing list online! All you do is enter data (or easily upload it from another application) and maintain customer records in the online Mailing List section. We'll store the database on our computer and you'll have complete control and ownership of the information. Download it to any of your existing computer applications with a press of a button (there are 2 ways that information can be entered, visitors to your Home Page type it in or you can enter it in your administrator's section).

Develop and change your policies, terms & conditions and instructions that customers need to know. You can change these at any time, on-the-fly, without programming.

Maintain complete control over everything from an administrator's section called "Executive Info". This is a private area that you control (password protected). You input and modify all of the information on your Home Page (once again, nobody else can offer this feature).


One time fee of $399.00 plus monthly hosting fees.

If you have any specific questions about how this could work for you, feel free to
call 416-303-5180 or e-mail our sales department.


* All prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes added where applicable. Prices subject to change without notice.

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