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AC Update - Keeping track of area code changes nationwide

Tired of trying to keep up with the ever-changing area codes? Confused as to which prefixes are getting new area codes and when they go into effect? AC Update is a simple and convenient way to automatically update your Multi-Value databases with very little effort. AC Update knows when the area codes changes, updates the database, and prepares itself for the next split of prefixes for the next area change.

Product Specifications


AC Update allows IT professionals to keep track of the ever-changing area codes nation wide. The update is simple to use and manage. AC Update will scan your database files and generate a report of the phone numbers to change before the change is saved to disk to allow the user to verify the changes.

Supported Platforms:

R83, AP, ADDS, D3, Microdatae, Prime, Sanyo/Icon, Sequoia, Upboard, Ultimate, Universe, Unidata
and more!


Generate Report:

AC Update will print a detailed listing of the records and telephone numbers that it is changing. This report can be sent to screen or printer. Updates are sent quarterly to keep you and your database of phone numbers complete and accurate. Easy installation and use.

AC Update will not change anything in any telephone numbers except for the area code--even if you have extensions or comments stored after the telephone numbers.

For example:

"(123)456-7890" is converted to "(555)456-7890"

"Fax # 1234567890" is converted to "Fax # 5554567890"

"123/456/7890 ext 1255" is converted to "555/456/7890 ext 1255"
AC Update will only look at telephone numbers that are 10 digits or more. Local telephone numbers will not be updated. If you run AC Update with an active select list. AC Update will only update the records that are currently selected. It is recommended that you run AC Update on each of your databases once every sixty days. AC Update knows about area code updates that have not gone into effect yet and uses the current system date to determine whether or not telephone numbers should be updated. Even though your version of AC Update has not changed, running it a second time on another day may cause more telephone numbers to be updated.


AC Update costs only $1399.00* annually. The prices covers all updates for one year. Includes free tech support.

If you have any specific questions about AC Update or how it could work for you, feel free to call 416-303-5180 or e-mail sales@gslwebdesign.com


* All prices in Canadian dollars. Taxes to be added where applicable.

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